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Lightspeed Web/Mobile Trader

Lightspeed Web/Mobile Trader is ideal for clients who prefer a web and mobile based trading platform. As one of latest additions to our offering of professional trading tools, Lightspeed Web/Mobile Trader runs on any Windows or Mac device with an internet connection. It provides numerous customization options as well as other features that set it apart from competitive online trading platforms. Be sure to fill out a demo request form and learn about the many low commission trading options we have available.

Web-based Trading

web based trading

Web Trader is our all new web-based trading application. It was designed to look, feel, and function in a way that is similar to downloadable platforms, while offering the convenience of access from any PC or Mac with an internet connection. Web Trader is completely customizable, provides users with streaming real-time data, and offers fast and intuitive order entry and execution to meet the needs of savvy investors and traders. Users can trade stocks and options from a single screen for a seamless trading experience.

Equity Order Entry Window

  • From here, Web/Mobile Trader users can easily execute equity orders using pertinent real-time pricing information displayed on the screen.
  • Once an order is set up, use the buy, sell, or short buttons to trade.
  • Working orders are found in the Open Orders tab, where they remain until they are fully executed.

Nest Windows

  • Maximize screen real estate by creating new windows and combining others without stopping or losing your place.
  • Simply drag windows to combine them. This will create separate tabs across the bottom of the screen.

Orders / Positions Windows

  • Easily manage positions and orders.
  • Monitor real time P&L for open orders.
  • Cancel or modify open orders.

Account Summary Window

  • View cash, margin, buying power multiplier, open and closed profit/loss, along with equity and overnight buying power.
  • Cash and margin buying power, profit/loss and equity numbers all update in real time as trades are made.


  • Here, traders can view streaming, real time stocks they follow.
  • Sort the columns in this window by several options, including symbols, % change, year low, bid volume, and many more.

Top Lists

  • View the top 30 symbols covered for exchanges in the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB, and Pink Sheets.
  • Filter exchanges to show pertinent information like most active stocks, percentage changes, and net changes.


Web/Mobile Trader users can customize the platform in a number of ways using everything from colors to symbols, and more. And, although Web/Mobile Trader is a Windows application, preferences are saved on Lightspeed’s server. So, anytime you access your account from a new device, you will do so with the interface you built for yourself.

At Lightspeed, we offer the best stock and options trading platforms with some of the cheapest trading fees available. Contact us today to learn more.

See the Trading Platform in Action

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The watchlist window provides a real-time, streaming view of stocks you want to follow. You view and sort by any of the available columns including:

  • Symbol
  • Tick
  • % Change
  • $ Change
  • Last
  • Last Volume
  • Volume
  • Open
  • High
  • Bid
  • Bid Volume
  • Ask
  • Ask Volume
  • Low Close
  • Year High
  • Year Low
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Exchange
  • Description
  • Time


The Lightspeed Web Trader suite provides the user with the ability to open multiple chart windows simultaneously. Users can track the day’s action in one minute intervals while simultaneously looking at weekly bars going back several years. Draw trend lines or overlay any of the available studies including:

  • Standard drawing line
  • Error Channel
  • Fibonacci Arcs
  • Fibonacci fan
  • Fibonacci retracement
  • Fibonacci time zone
  • Gann fan
  • Quadrant line
  • Raff regression
  • Rectangle
  • Speed lines
  • Trend line

Top Lists

Top ListsThe Lightspeed Web Trader platform lets you generate trade ideas using the Top List window, which shows the top 50 symbols in each category for covered exchanges including NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB and Pink Sheets.
You can filter each exchange to show:

  • Most Active Stocks
  • Percent Change Up
  • Percent Change Down
  • Net Change Up
  • Net Change Down

Order Entry

Order EntryLightspeed Web Trader let’s you quickly and easily enter orders for both stocks and options.

The intuitive order window can be linked to symbols in your Watchlists to speed up the order entry process. The order entry window includes a streaming quote and can be linked to your charts.

Previously entered symbols can be easily recalled by clicking the drop down arrow

Orders / Positions

Orders / Positions
The Orders and Positions window in Lightspeed Web Trader lets you easily manage both open positions and orders. Users can monitor real time P&L for their open positions and cancel or modify open orders.

Account Summary Window

Account Summary WindowThe Account Summary window displays the Cash, Margin, the buying power multiplier, the open and closed profit / loss, as well as the open and closed equity and the overnight buying power. The cash and margin buying power, profit / loss and equity numbers will all update in real-time as trades are placed.

Symbol Search

Symbol SearchThe symbol search window is a quick way to search for symbols using company name. Upon finding the symbol being searched for, a double-click will load that symbol into the order entry window.


NewsLightspeed Web Trader provides users with real-time streaming news. A filter can be applied to only display news headlines and stories for a selected symbol.

Platform Customization

Platform CustomizationUsers can customize the look and functionality of the Lightspeed Web Trader using the Properties window. Common customization settings include price and background colors, time format, order confirmation options, column choices and chart studies.

Window Linking

Lightspeed Web Trader allows users to link different windows to one another so that when a symbol is changed in one window, the inked windows will automatically update with the same symbol data.

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