Webinar Recap: Basic to Advanced Features of the Eze EMS (formally RealTick Pro) Platform

In a recent webinar, VP of Business Development, Joe Ely, gives viewers an inside look at Eze EMS (formally RealTick Pro) platform to trade stocks, options, and futures on the US market. The Eze EMS platform is best for active traders, registered investment advisors (RIAs), hedge funds, financial developers and users who require access to a wide array of market data, analytics, new features, and functionality.

Here is a recap of the main points from the trading webinar:


One of the main selling points of the RealTick Pro platform is its look and functionality. Active traders have the ability to right-click on any chart to customize it. Within the set up of each chart, a trader can choose the type of chart that they want to look at from daily, weekly, monthly, intraday, etc. Depending on the active traders’ strategy they can choose the type of trend lines that they would like to draw on their charts, the display, analysis selected, and studies as well as many other features.


A feature on the RealTick Pro platform, like other online trading platforms, is the ability to link all the windows together. To do so, a trader should right click on a level II chart, go to links, then click on the window that you want to link to. By holding down the control button, clicking on the desired charts and then clicking ok this will link all the desired windows together.

Traders will typically link multiple charts together of the same stock with different time frames to help provide a broad look at the chart of the stock. For example, a trader may want to analyze a 2-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, 60-minute, daily, weekly and monthly chart of the same stock simultaneously to determine if it is a good trading opportunity. RealTick allows traders to do this with one click.


At times, traders may want to test hot keys, hot buttons or different order types that they have set up on the platform before using on a live market environment. This can be done on the RealTick Pro platform by using a test stock symbol to test trades. The stock symbol is “ZVZZT” and any trade executed using this symbol is a paper trade or fake trade. Since this is not a real security, active traders can buy or sell using that stock symbol to test the functionality of their trading set-up.


The RealTick platform is known for having bracket and OCO orders. During this webinar, we cover an OCO order which is when a pair of orders (a target and stop order) stipulates that if one order executes, then the other order is automatically canceled.

Within the platform, if a trader right clicks on a level 2 window and selects “System Order Forms” there are preset order forms that are already set up for active traders. If you choose OCO, a window pops up within the platform where you can put in the details of both a target order and a stop order on the order entry ticket. Active traders can set their parameters for target price and a stop price. Then click “place orders”. If entered properly, the orders placed will “bracket” a trader’s position. Both orders will go “live” and when one gets executed the other is cancelled.


RealTick has two features that allow you to view your orders and positions as a horizontal line on a chart. This allows you to have a good visualization on your position and orders. You can click on the open orders line(s) and drag and drop them to a different price. This changes the price of your order.


Scanning tools are built into the RealTick platform under the “Tal Tree”. These predefined scans are available for trading ideas. An active trader can drag and drop these predefined scans onto their watch list. Some traders use specific scans every day to see how the market is performing. Scanners available are Pre and post-market scans, Gap-Up/Gap-Down, Gainers/Losers, High Volume, US Indices, S&P 500, and TAL Market Statistics as well as many others.


There are four main differences between the RealTick Pro and RealTick Express trading platforms. On the Express version, active traders will receive four level II screens and the ability to view only 100 symbols at a time. The RealTick Express version does not contain the advanced time and sales window or the alarms/alerts on the platform. Choosing a platform is entirely based upon a trader’s strategy and preference.

You can view the entire webinar below:


The Eze EMS (RelTick Pro) platform is a trading platform to trade stocks, options, and futures on the US market. At Lightspeed, we offer advanced options trading, futures trading and stock trading online for those traders looking to optimize their trading abilities. Traders can take the platform for a test drive with a demo version of the software. To begin trading stocks online with Lightspeed, open an account today. For any additional questions or inquiries, please fill out a contact form and we will get back to you.

Lightspeed Financial Services Group LLC is not affiliated with these third-party market commentators/educators or service providers. Data, information, and material (“content”) are provided for informational and educational purposes only. This content neither is, nor should be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation to buy or sell any securities or contracts. Any investment decisions made by the user through the use of such content is solely based on the users independent analysis taking into consideration your financial circumstances, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. Lightspeed Financial Services Group LLC does not endorse, offer nor recommend any of the services or commentary provided by any of the market commentators/educators or service providers and any information used to execute any trading strategies are solely based on the independent analysis of the user.

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