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Looking for New Trading Opportunities? Consider the Options Market

In recent years, volume in the options market has exploded as more and more traders shift over to derivatives trading. Last year, the world’s largest options exchange, the CBOE, announced record trading volume with 1.15 billion contracts traded versus 1.12 billion in 2010. Average daily volume for the year was 4.6 million contracts. This marked.. Read more

What Will Bring Volume Back to the Equity Markets?

Equity market volumes have been plunging over the last few years and are currently at levels not seen since 2007. In many ways, the situation can still be traced to the fallout from the financial crisis. The meltdown led to a bloodletting on Wall Street, with large investment banks laying off a significant amount of.. Read more

The Exchange-Driven HFT Backlash

A backlash has begun against high-frequency traders. Surprisingly, this negative reaction is not from overzealous regulators or naive politicians looking for a scapegoat for the financial crisis. It is the exchanges and electronic communications networks (ECNs) themselves who are spearheading the anti-HFT initiative. Although this attempt to rein in and control the free operation of.. Read more

Why Volume Is Moving into Dark Pools

There has been a major shift in stock trading volume over the last several years. Traders are moving to off-exchange venues, known as dark pools, in record numbers. This change has created severe repercussions within the traditional exchanges and has forever altered the way traders conduct business. The public exchanges are feeling the transformation in.. Read more

Trading Platforms: Does Speed Really Matter?

Traders have been seeking to gain an edge ever since the market began. In the old days, being on the trading floor was the ultimate advantage. However, due to membership requirements and geographic restrictions, not everyone who wanted to be a trader could trade on the exchange floor. Technology such as the telegraph and telephone.. Read more

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