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The SEC Eyeballs High Frequency Trading Firms in Quote Stuffing Inquiry

In the SEC’s quest to uncover the genesis of the May 6th “Flash Crash”—the day the Dow Jones plummeted 700 points in record time and planted the stomach of every investor in the country firmly in their throat—high frequency trading firms are continuing to come under close scrutiny. This is despite the fact that it.. Read more

Analytical Trading vs Discretionary Trading

Change is the only constant in life. The same thing can be said about the stock market. As much as it stays the same with buyers and sellers battling to get the best price, the stock market’s permutations are forever changing. This is particularly true in the area of trading strategy. For many years technical.. Read more

Making Your Strategy Implementation Process Faster

We hear so much about the importance of speed that it has almost become a cliché. Reducing the time to from point A to point B has become an obsession. At one time people traveled surely, but most definitely slowly, on the great ocean liners like the Queen Mary. Now, only those looking for the.. Read more

The Power Behind Automated Trading

2:45 p.m., May 6, 2010 is a date and time that will live forever in the minds of many active traders. This is the exact time of the U.S. stock market going absolutely haywire for the first time in history. Various stocks had zero bids, indexes collapsed, and mad man Jim Cramer looked like he.. Read more

Lightspeed Announces 2nd Annual Weekly Gridiron Game

Traders come in all shapes, sizes, education levels and natural skills. The market is truly the great equalizer of all people. It doesn’t care who or what you are – it requires a burning fire to be able to endure its ups and downs. It is this fire that is the common denominator among all.. Read more

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