Our New Membership in IEX

On September 19th, Lightspeed announced its membership status with the newly formed Investors Exchange. This membership allows us to take advantage of new technology that lowers the barriers to entry for traders and brokerage services by giving them rapid access to the market.


Lightspeed is committed to constantly improving the technology and services we provide our clients. Providing more than just a platform, Lightspeed is a service for active traders to delve into the market and utilize the strategies unique to each trader.

IEX is a new exchange, one that changes the rules of investing. Since the 1980’s, electronic trading has changed the way stocks perform, and the way they are bought and sold. Speed allows high-volume traders, especially the ones at massive firms, access to a different market — one that updates and changes before the rest of the country can even respond. That edge over the competition might be viewed as unfair, allowing them to buy or sell ahead of the rest of the investors.

IEX nullifies that advantage, executing every trade, regardless of where it’s coming from, at the same speed.


38 miles of fiber-optic cable, a state-of-the-art data center in New Jersey and a management team hand-picked from the NYSE, Bank of America, RBC and other American financial powerhouses. IEX uses its financial industry veterans and rapid connection to offer a market that levels the playing field for every trader.

Does This Benefit Us?

In economist’s terms, the more fair a market or exchange is, the more it benefits everyone, even people who have little to nothing invested. In our case, we can utilize this exchange to make trades on our services run at the same speed as everyone else; more importantly, we can help encourage a market that gives equal opportunity to investors of all backgrounds and sizes.

With a month of experience as a member of IEX, we’re excited to see the exchange continue to grow. We hope to see IEX reach its fullest potential as a true game-changer, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

To learn more about Lightspeed or our partnership with IEX visit www.lightspeed.com.

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