Lightspeed Announces 2nd Annual Weekly Gridiron Game

Traders come in all shapes, sizes, education levels and natural skills. The market is truly the great equalizer of all people. It doesn’t care who or what you are – it requires a burning fire to be able to endure its ups and downs. It is this fire that is the common denominator among all of us. This fierce competition is a trait common among traders. We just love to compete. Whether it’s against the market, poker, golf, sports or anything else, the competitive urge runs through all of us. You probably know someone who, after a long day trading, will spend hours after dinner playing poker to hone those skills so in demand for the discretionary market player. There is really nothing more fun or intense than having a group of highly skilled and competitive trader types competing against each other both in and out of the market arena.

With this competitive spirit in mind, Lightspeed launched its 2nd annual weekly Gridiron Game. This NFL football-based football pool gives everyone the chance to show their skills in selecting against the point spread (ATS) like the pros. Participation is totally free with really cool weekly and seasonal prizes for the top players. Participants have the ability to make, track and edit their picks online, as well as see the leaders posted on the site. Win or lose, this contest is a great way to keep tabs on your favorite NFL team, while competing against some of the best in the business!

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