An Intro to Auction Market Theory

By: Spencer Israel What Is Market Auction Theory? Auction market theory is a framework popularized by J. Peter Steidlmayer in the 1980s to understand why a market moves the way it does. Put simply, it’s a way of interpreting whether the price of something “makes sense” based on prior prices and all the available information... Read more

Understanding the Market Open

By: Pat Crawley The stock market is unique compared to most other asset classes, in that it’s only open five days a week for 6.5 hours a day. During these large time blocks where the market is closed, sentiment on the closed issues change, and orders reflecting new information rests on the market, awaiting execution.. Read more

What Is An Inverted Exchange, And Why Should It Matter To You?

By: Spencer Israel In their role as market facilitators, exchanges are responsible for ensuring there is enough liquidity for buyers and sellers, and that the pair are matched up efficiently and fairly. One of the ways they’ve done this is by what’s called a “maker-taker” model, which has been around since 1997. Exchanges- like the.. Read more

The 2019 Stock Market Year In Review

By: Spencer Israel At the end of June, we wrote about the five biggest catalysts facing the stock market in the second half of 2019. Well, it turns out we were half right. The top two items on that list—the trade war with China and monetary policy—dominated headlines and drove sentiment in the back half.. Read more

The Alternative Uptick Rule (AKA Short Sale Restriction), Explained

By: Spencer Israel Following the Financial Crisis, Congress put into place many new rules that they hoped would prevent another near collapse of the global financial system. One such rule, the Alternative Uptick Rule, was enacted in 2010 and is actually the direct descendant of a previous rule that had been in place from 1938-2007... Read more

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