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Active Trading Blog

Short-Sellers: Watch The Student Loan Market

Less than a decade after the biggest mortgage lending crisis in U.S. history nearly decimated the economy, another debt market is showing some troubling similarities to the mortgage bubble: the student loan market. The total amount of national student loan debt eclipsed $1.2 trillion dollars earlier this year, and a growing number of people believe.. Read more

A Day Like Any Other Day

July 8th was like any other day for traders. They sat down in front of their screens to trade stocks at the best possible prices. Well it was not exactly like any other day because the NYSE trading system was down. The average person on the street thought this was a big deal. The news.. Read more

What California’s Drought Can Do For Your Portfolio

With the drought throughout the West Coast continuing for its fourth year, there are plenty of companies that may have movement tied to the epidemic. While it’s not all bad news for the market, there may be trouble for hydropower, traditional utilities and agriculture. Most of these sectors are weighted so that when one slips,.. Read more

Cybersecurity Stocks To Watch

Hack attacks are occurring with increasing frequency and severity across more mainstream and spotlight companies and agencies. While small-scale attacks still occur, it’s the government breaches and multi-billion dollar market cap companies that draw attention to just how severe the issue of cybersecurity really is. Below are the top five stocks in the sector and.. Read more

Which stocks could move following a fed rate hike?

As evident from the S&P 500 and Nasdaq’s bumpy ride this year, traipsing along on the heels of Federal Reserve rate increase rumors, stocks react not only to actual changes, but the foreboding whispers that proceed them. While it is clear that the broad market wobbles on these whispers, what is not predictable with 100.. Read more