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Back to the Basics of Capital Gains Tax

By: Montana Timpson Under President-elect Joe Biden’s proposed tax plan, with its likelihood of success bolstered by the recent Democratic sweep of the Senate, capital gains tax rates will rise to a speculative 39.6% for taxpayers earning more than US$1 million annually, among many other policy changes. Higher tax rates generally increase the value of.. Read more

The IPOX® Week, January 11th, 2021

The New Year kicks off with gains: IPOX® Indexes rise across the board. IPOX® 100 U.S. (ETF: FPX) outpaces Nasdaq 100. IPOX® China Core and IPOX® Europe propel IPOX® International (ETF: FPXI) to fresh all-time High. IPOX® SPAC (SPAC) extends end-2020 surge, adds another +3.37%; Several firms line up to debut on Nasdaq. The New.. Read more

Ring in the Annual Earnings Reports

By: Montana Timpson With the dawn of 2021 upon us, stakeholders and the public alike prepare for a wave of last year’s highly anticipated annual earnings reports. Though there are many exceptions, a large majority of U.S. companies define their fiscal year-end simultaneously with the calendar year-end, and, as SEC guidelines require, we expect to.. Read more

Did 2020 Raise Your Annualized Rate of Return?

By: Montana Timpson As the 2020 fiscal year draws to a close, annual rates of return hit professional traders’ radars as they seek to distinguish years’ top performers. For investors with diverse portfolios, calculating rates of return can help compare the relative performance of multiple investments, making clear which assets won big in 2020. Calculating.. Read more

Dr. Mark Schug: Looking Into 2021

By: Montana Timpson Economist Mark Schug, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, joined Lightspeed last month to present a live webinar recapping 2020’s unprecedented fiscal year and its economic implications for 2021. Detailed insights included market predictions regarding ongoing impacts of COVID-19, general economic uncertainty and the recent growth in the GDP. GDP.. Read more

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