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Active Trading Blog

When Does It Make Sense To Choose Clean Energy Over Fossil Fuel?

By: Wayne Duggan As the world has become more aware of the harmful effects of greenhouse gases, an increasing amount of effort and money has been invested in developing renewable energy to displace fossil fuel as the leading source of global energy. With a limited amount of global fossil fuel remaining, it’s inevitable that it.. Read more

Is It Finally Time To Look At Coal?

By: Wayne Duggan Oil has captured the lion’s share of the headlines surrounding the collapse in commodity prices over the past year, but many coal mining stocks have been hit even harder than oil stocks have. With share prices at historical lows, is it finally time to buy coal or will coal stocks remain value.. Read more

Looking To The Charts For A Short-Term And Long-Term Oil Trade

By: Wayne Duggan The recent volatility in oil prices has been staggering, and traders that have played the swings correctly have made a killing. After WTI prices recently dipped below $40/bbl for the first time since 2009, prices snapped back by more than 20 percent over a span of three trading days. Oil bulls argue.. Read more

Where Does Oil Go From Here?

By: Wayne Duggan With oil prices dipping to new six-year lows and WTI breaking below the $40/bbl threshold, Wall Street seems as polarized as ever when it comes to where oil prices will go from here. There’s a compelling bull case and bear case to be made for oil, so here’s a breakdown of how.. Read more

Chinese Market Regression Is A Far Cry From ‘Collapse’

By: Wayne Duggan It’s no secret that the major market turbulence that sent the S&P 500 down 11 percent in a matter of days has been driven in large part by fears surrounding the stock market crash in China. As bad as things have been in the U.S., China’s Shanghai Index recently booked five consecutive.. Read more