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Active Trading Blog

Risk Management When Trading Stock

Most active traders are intimately familiar with basic risk management — planning entrances and exits before execution and following through with appropriate stop-loss and take-profit orders. However, risk management is much more complicated than simply being aware of at which price points you are willing to buy and sell. This most basic strategy should not.. Read more

Entities Provide Tax Benefits to Traders

By Robert A. Green, CPA and CEO of GreenTraderTax.com. Excerpt from Green’s 2015 Trader Tax Guide. (25%-off coupon at the bottom.) Forming an entity can save active investors and business traders significant taxes. Active investors can prevent wash-sale losses calculated between their individual taxable investment accounts and IRAs with an entity account. Business traders solidify.. Read more

Lightspeed Preparing For Extended Hours

Premarket and after-hours hours trading can be especially profitable, but also offer unique risks. With high frequency traders less active outside of the regular hours session, individuals have the opportunity to profit from trades which would otherwise be difficult. However, the absence of these traders, and others, makes markets thin. This blog looks at risks.. Read more

What Are Moving Averages?

Moving averages are often the first technical indicators traders are exposed to, specifically the simple moving average. This blog post looks at the purpose of simple moving averages and how traders can customize them to their trading strategies Moving averages were developed to give investors and traders a less noisy view of how the value.. Read more

What moves the VIX?

At the end of January a blog was published explaining how the VIX is calculated. In short, the VIX is based on the premium traders are paying for options protection. For this reason, the VIX usually moves conversely to the market: when stock prices drop, traders demand more protection, prices rise and subsequently the VIX.. Read more