Is Lightspeed Trading a Better Broker than a Traditional Online Broker

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Picking an online broker that fits a trader’s needs can be confusing and some may ask the question, Is Lightspeed a better broker than a traditional online broker? There are many considerations when answering this question, and at a minimum, traders should be confident that their brokerage is; cost effective, meets their trading needs and is best at what they do.

Join Joe Ely, VP of Strategic Business Development, to delve into the answer. During the webinar, Joe will look at twelve key requirements many active traders have. He will show what Lightspeed does to meet, and many times exceed, expectations and the needs of active stock and options traders.

Throughout the webinar, Joe will compare and contrast what Lightspeed offers to the large US based online brokers. He will share his screen live to show how to use the feature or tool on the Lightspeed Trader platform.

  1. Cost – low commissions and fees for stocks and options. The hidden cost of slippage.
  2. Speed – direct access order routing, fast order entry via hot keys, hot buttons and point/click.
  3. Liquidity – directly access the biggest US Exchanges and dark pools of liquidity for large orders.
  4. Stability – trade with the speed of a Ferrari, but the stability of a Toyota.
  5. Trading Tools – Level 2, Depth of Book*, Charts, Watch Lists, Riser/Fallers, Block Trades, Ticker Alert, Order Imbalances and more.
  6. Extensive Short List – through our daily 5500+ stock easy to borrow list or through our specialized fully electronic “Short Request” program built into Lightspeed Trader.
  7. Customizability – set up and save your trading software layouts to meet your needs.
  8. Scanning and Research – the powerful Lightscan feature and research through TipRanks.
  9. Automated Trading – through the Lightspeed Gateway and API (C++). Low Latency Co-lo available in Carteret, Great River and NY4.
  10. Industry Recognition
    • Barrons – 2017 Best Broker for Frequent Traders
    • Stockbrokers.com – 2017 Best in Class for Order Execution and Active Trading.
  11. Security and Insurance – the latest in authentication technology, 2-Step verification, SIPC coverage and excess SIPC bond from Lloyd’s of London that covers cash credit balances to a maximum of $900,000 for a total of $1,150,000 in cash balances.
  12. Customer Service – have a live and knowledgeable registered representative a phone call or email away.

Joe has been in the online trading business for 20+ years. Learn from his trading experience and knowledge. Then, when you are ready, open an account at Lightspeed to help you reach your full potential.

*Lightspeed has an extensive depth of book offering. We know of no other online broker that provides as much depth of book data as Lightspeed.

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