Learn the Advanced Features of Options Trading on Lightspeed Trader

Lightspeed customers can learn about complex order entry and execution window features on Lightspeed Trader.

The Lightspeed Trader platform provides many active traders with the trading tools that they need to implement their trading strategy and styles, from complex order entry and advanced multi—leg strategies to combination orders. Have you been interested in complex orders and execution, but had questions before getting started? This webinar covered:

Complex Order Entry
  • How the COE window can receive multiple lines directly from the options chain
  • How to quickly and easily select, stage, and send your complex options strategy orders
  • How to choose from:
    • Covered calls
    • Protective puts
    • Debit and credit spreads
    • Long and short strangles
    • Long and short straddles
    • Butterflies
    • Or build your own strategy with up to a 4-leg combination, including equity legs
  • How to route your orders directly to a selected options exchange
  • How to reverse your strategies with the click of a button to reflect your market sentiment
  • How to see how much premium you will pay or receive for each complex order before you send it
  • How to save your favorite strategies for faster input in future orders
 Executions Window
  • How to see the margin requirements on open orders and trades in each underlying security
  • How to see all trades broken down by individual fill
  • How to use the strategy view to manually break and hedge eligible positions
  • How to manually hedge your positions and strategies
  • How to pin positions to mark them as hedged or broken
  • How to use Auto-hedge to automatically hedge all eligible positions for the best utilization of margin
Risk Control
  • How the platform can help prevent order entry errors using front and back end risk controls
Scanning the Market
  • Options Most Active Scanners
  • Unusual Volume Filters
  • LightScan
  • Block Ticker
  • Ticker Alert

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