Fast and Effective Order Entry – Hot Keys and Hot Buttons

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Join Joe Ely, VP of Strategic Business Development at Lightspeed Trading, to learn how to enter orders fast and effectively using Lightspeed Trader order entry Hot Keys and Hot Buttons.

Sometimes fast and effective order entry can be the difference between getting in (or out) of a trade at a profit or a loss. The Lightspeed Trader stock trading platform was designed with speed of order entry in mind. Customizable Hot Keys and Hot Buttons are an effective trading tool for many active traders.

Learn how to Build your own orders with predefined parameters. React faster to trading opportunities by sending the order type which will increase your chances of a fill.
Route your orders directly to major market centers, ECNs, and dark pools. Once your orders are configured to your liking, they can be sent instantly with the press of a keyboard shortcut – Hot Key or Hot Button.

Learn how to:

  • Set-up Custom Orders
  • Link Custom Orders to Hot Keys and Hot Buttons
  • Set-up Stops with a Hot Key
  • Set-up a “Close All Positions” Hot Key
  • Order Entry Pop Up to change order
  • Route orders to different Market Centers

We continually upgrade Lightspeed Trader to give active traders an edge in the market. The technology and features built into our platform are driven by one goal: to give real traders the ultimate tools for seizing market opportunities. We pride ourselves on providing fast market data and order management solutions.

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