FAQs – Technical

FAQs – Technical

What affects the speed of my internet connection?

There are several causes of internet speed problems including:

  1. Service issues: If you internet service provider (ISP) is experiencing a technical issue, that will affect your ability to access the internet and/or access at proper speeds for online trading.
  2. Spyware on computers: Even if your ISP is operating normally, spyware programs can consume your modem bandwidth and reduce your speed.
  3. Improperly configured router: The router is the gateway between your computer and the internet connection. If not configured properly, your internet speed can be compromised.
  4. Old computer: If you system does not have the minimum required specifications, your trading platform will not be able to keep pace with the internet connection, resulting in lowered internet speeds.
My quotes seem to be slow. What may be the problem?

Slow quotes are generally attributed to slow or faulty Internet connections. First, refresh your connection to our servers. This can be accomplished by logging off and back on to your trading platform. This usually resolves many quote issues.

If this does not resolve your issues, please shut down your computer and your modem/router. Keep them off for at least 60 seconds. Then turn on the modem, reboot your computer and start the trading platform again.

If after logging off and back on to your platform and after running Internet connectivity tests (see below) your quotes are still slow, please call technical support at 1-888-577-3123, then press option 4 for further assistance.

How does logging off and back on to my trading platform help me if my quotes are slow?

Sometimes Internet connections can experience a momentary drop in service (what is also known as an Internet hiccup). This will prevent your system from receiving data, as your connection to our servers was lost. Logging off and back on to your platform will refresh and/or re-establish your connection to our servers.

How can I test the speed or quality of my Internet connection?

Internet connectivity tests are crucial in determining your Internet connection speed and how well you can reach our servers here at Lightspeed. There are two types of Internet connection tests: Ping and Trace Route.

A ping test sends a packet of data to a specific address (generally a test server) and waits for a reply. Upon return, the test will inform the length of time the data packet used to travel to the test server.

A trace route test is similar to a ping test, but in addition to the Internet speed, it also traces the route (servers) used to travel from your system to the test server. Generally, there will be about 12-16 servers (or “hops”) taken to reach your test server destination. Each hop will offer a time in milliseconds and the name of the server.

– Lightspeed Trader Platform
To perform a ping test, trace route test and a speed test, login to the secure site at staging.lightspeed.com. From the left hand navigation bar, click on ‘Customer Support’ then ‘Internet SpeedTest’.

– Eze EMS (formerly RealTick) Platform
To perform a ping test bring up a DOS shell/prompt. (Click on Start/from the search area type in the word Command and press enter). From the DOS prompt type in ping beacon.taltrade.com. Your system will send the packet of data. You should expect 4 replies detailing the number of milliseconds the packet traveled. The lower the number (in milliseconds), the better your connection.
Lightspeed recommends ping test times around 100ms in order to run Eze EMS (formerly RealTick) and the Lightspeed Trader properly. If any data is lost (usually noted as an asterisk) your connection is not only slow, but perhaps down altogether. You must then inform your Internet service provider (ISP).

If any of these times are above 100ms (or display an asterisk) your connection is an issue and should be reported to your ISP. When contacting your ISP, be sure to inform the server name in the line that produces the faulty or slow connection.

Why can I not login to my trading platform?

Passwords used to log into our trading platforms are case sensitive. Be sure that the Caps Lock key is not active when entering your password. Also check the stability of your Internet connection by running ping or trace route tests. If confirming that your password or Internet connection is an issue, contact customer support for further assistance.

What is the significance of the time on my trading platform and my computer system?

Since our trading platforms sync with your system time, it is imperative that your system time is accurate. If the system time is not accurate, your charts and other time sensitive data will not update accurately.

I am on a network and cannot seem to connect to Lightspeed Trader. What can I do?

In order to connect to Lightspeed servers, ports 1723GRE, inbound and outbound must be open. We also recommend shutting down the windows firewall and disabling any virus protection when logging on. Alternatively, you can allow this file as safe or as an exception in the virus protection software: ls.exe.

If you are trying to connect to the Eze EMS (formerly RealTick) platform servers, you must have certain connection ports open: 1723-1728, 1838 and 448. Open these ports through your computer (or contact your network administrator to open the ports).

Please note: If the proper ports are not open allowing for two-way traffic, you will not be able to log in to a trading platform. If are accessing your trading platform on a system for which you are not the system administrator, or you are unable to run your trading platform from your location, please contact your system administrator for assistance in changing these configurations.

I have my computer behind a firewall and/or router. Will this affect my connection to Lightspeed Trader or Eze EMS (formerly RealTick) servers?

A firewall or router may compromise your connection to the platform servers. It is important that the firewall and router are configured to allow a seamless connection to our servers. Oftentimes, you may be able to request that the firewall or router allow certain files to pass through your security without scrutiny.

These files are as follows:
Lightspeed Trader: ls.exe
Eze EMS (formerly RealTick): msgapp32.exe, rt332.exe, ypermcache.exe

Where to perform these configurations depends on your firewall/router. Consult your user’s manual for more details.

Can I use a wireless router or a WIFI connection to trade?

Lightspeed does not recommend the use of WIFI or wireless routers for active day trading as they may not always provide the strongest, most consistent internet connection. A wired connection is highly recommended when trading with Lightspeed.

Can I run multiple instances of Lightspeed Trader on my computer?

You may, provided you are logging in with distinct user names. However, ensure that your computer has an elevated amount of RAM and processing speed and your internet connection is fast enough to handle the large amount of data that will be drawn into your system.

My computer crashed and I lost my layout. What can I do?

Lightspeed’s servers store the most recent layout (the one last saved). If you happen to lose your layout for any reason, Lightspeed should be able to access your most recent layout and restore it back on to your platform.

Eze EMS (formerly RealTick) users should note that all pages are saved on your personal computer and retrieval is not possible through Lightspeed.

Can I transfer one of my layouts to another Lightspeed user?

Yes, this can be done. Just call Lightspeed client service, provide your Trader ID, the layout name you wish to transfer and the recipient Trader ID.

I am trading on a laptop. Is there anything special that I need when using the Lightspeed Trader?

If you are using a laptop to trade, you should consider laptop mode. When on a laptop, you should only use one trading screen. When choosing laptop mode, you will be asked if you would like to have that machine considered a laptop. If so, Lightspeed will always open in Laptop mode on that machine. To change to laptop mode, click on FILE then Change to Laptop mode.

Why do I not get any quotes or data when I login to Lightspeed Trader?

You must be sure you are logging in using the proper connection method, either SSL or VPN. Most users should login via the SSL connection. Underneath the password entry area, there is a drop down menu. Change to SSL (most users) and try to login again.

What takes up a lot of bandwidth on the Lightspeed Trader?

Options trading uses a great deal of bandwidth. Users who just meet the minimum internet connectivity specifications may have a difficult time smoothly running the Lightspeed Trader if options trading is employed.

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