Will Citigroup’s Split Affect You?

Around 3 a.m. EST, familiar “ding, ding, ding” of a breaking news alert was being played. The news read, “Citigroup Announces 10 for 1 Split,” and many traders went to sleep with sweet dreams of buying bucket-loads of C for around 50 cents per share. These dreams were quickly dashed after learning, upon sunrise, that.. Read more

How is Program Trading Changing?

Sophisticated equity traders have been watching program trading activity for years. Keeping an eye on the premium (PREM) or spread between the most active S&P 500 future’s contract fair value minus the cash value is a time honored tradition to determine when stock buy or sell programs should kick into gear. While this tactic has.. Read more

Top 10 reasons why HFTs aren’t evil

Frankly, everyone is sick and tired of watching high frequency trading get dragged through the mud by the press, politicians, and the public. Just like the short sellers were vilified wrongly in the 1930′s for being the puppet master culprits behind the Great Depression, today high frequency traders are mistakenly believed to be the evil.. Read more

Why Inflation matters to active traders

Inflation is something most active traders don’t consider much any longer. It was a huge factor for active traders in the 1970s with consumer prices spiraling upward combined with a depressed, lackluster equity market. However, with the trillions of dollars of government economic aid swirling about combined with the improving economic picture, many analysts expect.. Read more

Egypt and the Stock Market

The stock market hates uncertainty of any type. It does not matter what causes the political or economic ambiguity—simply the fact that it exists creates nervousness in the world’s financial markets. The recent uprising in Egypt is a prime example of the type of political doubt that can throw stocks into turmoil. Although the protestors.. Read more

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