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Active Trading Blog

India’s Central Bank Proposed Online Trading Platform

Technology has resulted in many changes in the worldwide financial markets. The rise of second and third tier economies as aggressive competitors on the world’s stage is perhaps most striking. Nowhere is this more apparent than the rise of financial markets in India. This once traditional nation is building a financial infrastructure that will likely.. Read more

Gold: What’s Next For 2011?

“Gold is under irreversible upward pressure” said Nick Barisheff, CEO and president of the Bullion Management Group, during his early January, 2011 speech to the Empire Club in Montreal, Canada. This sentiment echoes many gold bugs who believe gold is the ultimate investment during all conditions and economic climates. These brash statements throw up red.. Read more

Managing Microbursts

By Andrew Actman Lightspeed Financial Chief Strategy Officer Man, those trades should have been filled, what happened!? “You know, the market data feeds just do not look right, why?” Statements such as these are becoming more and more common among algorithmic system traders. The primary causes of orders not getting filled when they should have.. Read more

Stock Market Outlook 2011

2010 will be one for the record books. A huge bull move pushed the Dow Jones Industrial average above its September 12th, 2008 high prior to the Lehman Brothers meltdown. Huge amounts of Federal aid washed into the market to bailout failing financial and other institutions. This influx of capital combined with surprisingly solid corporate.. Read more

3 Things We Learned from the Stock Market Performance of 2010

To say that 2010 was a tumultuous year for the stock market is to be both astute and forgetful. To the first point, anybody who felt the rollercoaster rush of the Flash Crash of 2010 was given a too-close-for-comfort reminder of the inherent uncertainties in the financial sector. To the latter point, there have been.. Read more

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