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Active Trading Blog

Do the Fundamentals Support the Technicals?

The daily charts are painting a dire picture for the U.S. equity markets. Several prominent technical analysts are going as far as drawing dramatic correlations between the current market action and the patterns that preceded the Great Depression. Even the great bear himself, Robert Prechter with his Elliott Wave theory, has sounded the major crash.. Read more

High Frequency Trading Improves Execution Quality and Reduces Volatility

Despite the claims of questionable practices and accusations by many that high frequency traders cause market volatility, a recently released report by Woodbine Associates finds that high frequency trading has actually had the opposite effect, reducing trade order volatility and improving the quality of execution for the securities studied. The report, titled “High-Frequency Trading: The.. Read more

New Financial Regulations and What They May Mean To You

By Andrew Actman Lightspeed Financial Chief Strategy Officer This year will go down in financial history as the era of governmental meddling in the economic system. Not since the aftermath of the Great Depression has such sweeping regulatory overhauls been proposed. Driven by fear of a repeat of 2008′s meltdown, politicians have scrambled to institute.. Read more

Lightspeed Financial Launches Black Box Software Development Kit

Significantly Reduces Development Time, Cost to Deploy Black Box Trading Strategies NEW YORK, July 20, 2010 – Lightspeed Financial, Inc, a leading provider of direct market access trading technology, risk management solutions, and brokerage services for professional retail active traders and institutional investors, today unveiled its Black Box Software Development Kit (SDK) for algorithmic traders... Read more

The Stock Market 2010: Is The Worst Over?

“For the loser now will be later to win, for the times, they, they are a-changing.” These pivotal lyrics by the popular 1960s singer/songwriter Bob Dylan describe the current state of the U.S. equity markets to a tee. Let’s review the basics of what has happened so far in the equity markets. After a strong.. Read more

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