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Active Trading Blog

A Look Back on 2012

The last year has been a very solid one for the U.S. stock market. In 2012, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose a little better than 7 percent. The S&P 500 climbed more than 13 percent and the NASDAQ notched a gain of nearly 16 percent. Overall, the year was better than the historical average.. Read more

Using Weekly Options to Trade High Priced Stocks

The explosion in popularity of weekly options has allowed more traders to take advantage of volatility in high priced stocks such as Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). These short-term instruments have helped to solve a conundrum that has faced traders as the prices of some stocks have soared — namely how to trade these names.. Read more

Screening Tools for Active Traders

Using a screening tool is one of the most reliable ways to find higher probability trading opportunities in the markets. Whether you use free stock screeners or a paid service, there are a wide variety of different screening metrics that can be used to find opportunities. This is true for both short-term and longer-term strategies... Read more

Volume, Technical Analysis, and Trading

The subject of technical analysis is sometimes a controversial one in the world of trading. Some very successful traders swear by it, while others think that chart reading is nearly useless. The truth, however, likely lies somewhere in the middle. The reason why technical analysis is difficult to rely on in every situation is because.. Read more

Using ETFs to Execute a Macro-Oriented Strategy

There are innumerable macro oriented trading strategies that can be profitably applied to global financial markets. Of course, not all strategies work in every type of environment and good traders rarely rely on just one. It is always important to try to select the optimal strategy for the prevailing market conditions. In recent years, one.. Read more

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