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Active Trading Blog

If NFL Playoff Teams Were Stocks…

By: Wayne Duggan The NFL conference championships will be decided this weekend as the New England Patriots meet the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals square off against the Carolina Panthers. Any good fan knows that sports teams can have all kinds of different personalities and background stories, and knowing these stories is an important.. Read more

How Much Damage Has Been Done To Chipotle’s Chart?

By: Wayne Duggan Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc (NYSE: CMG), which has been a major market leader in recent years, closed out 2015 on a low note. After climbing an incredible 1,160% from October 2008 to October 2015, the stock has fallen 38% in the last three months after an E. coli outbreak send sales plummeting.. Read more

Intel Traders Watching Key Technical Levels In 2016

By: Wayne Duggan Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) has taken its shareholders on quite a ride in 2015. After beginning the year at around $36, its highest price since the Dot Com Bubble, the stock plummeted more than 27 percent down to $24.70 during August’s flash crash. The stock then bounced back to close the year.. Read more

If ‘Star Wars’ Characters Were Stocks…Would Luke Skywalker Be Netflix?

By: Wayne Duggan Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been perhaps the most hyped and anticipated movie of all-time. The movie’s opening weekend even exceeded lofty expectations, grossing $238 million for Walt Disney Co (NYSE: DIS). One of the driving forces behind the franchise’s success is the blend of characters in the Star Wars universe... Read more

How Traders Can Use Major Volume To Their Advantage

By: Wayne Duggan Technical analysts always notice when stocks breakout above resistance levels, but fear of the dreaded “false breakout” often leads them to view these moves with a certain level of skepticism. False breakouts occur when a stock briefly extends beyond a support or resistance level before quickly correcting to within its previous trend... Read more

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