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The Stock Market 2010: Is The Worst Over?

“For the loser now will be later to win, for the times, they, they are a-changing.” These pivotal lyrics by the popular 1960s singer/songwriter Bob Dylan describe the current state of the U.S. equity markets to a tee. Let’s review the basics of what has happened so far in the equity markets. After a strong.. Read more

A Technical Look at the DJIA

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, or DOW, as it is more commonly called, is the world’s most watched stock index. Consisting of thirty major companies, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is often considered a proxy for the entire United States economy. Analysts closely watch its every ebb and flow, trying to discern changes in the.. Read more

Buy BP Stock Right Now or Not? Pros and Cons

There’s a hilarious scene in the third season of the short-lived cable TV series “Arrested Development” where investment guru Jim Cramer (making a cameo as himself) upgrades the much maligned Bluth Company stock from “sell” to “don’t buy”—causing Bluth family members and shareholders to celebrate their good fortune. In a turn of events that would.. Read more

Neolithic Throwbacks with a Flair for Style, and a Means to Profit

The stock market’s recent rollercoaster ride, sparked by concerns over Greece’s crumbling economy, only serves to emphasize the closely linked nature of the global market. To think that events overseas–whether positive or negative–will have no effect on the U.S. economy is to engage in a game of denial with potentially cataclysmic implications. The question that.. Read more

The Stock Transfer Tax: Demonizing the Moneymakers

There’s a shocking piece of news circulating on its way to you via word of mouth, print media, and fiber–optics. And it’s something that may come as a bit of a surprise – even a shock – to the stock traders of the world. The news? That you’re all a bunch of monsters. Greedy. Wicked... Read more

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