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Why HFTs are Good for the Market

By Andrew Actman Lightspeed Chief Strategy Officer New technology and greater efficiency have always met resistance from the old way of doing things. Nowhere is this more true than the aggressive and lucrative world of financial markets. Evolving from a 100% person to person floor trading model to a fully electronic, computerized transaction system, the.. Read more

Post-downgrade Volatility: 4 Tips for Trading

There is no question that this is a superior environment for active trading. The “fear index” VIX recently hitting 50 combined with ultra wide swings provides traders with numerous opportunities for profit. These moves are triggered by the economic confusion that seems to be affecting the entire global system. The Eurozone debt crisis, Standard&Poors’ US.. Read more

America’s Downgrade: What Does It Mean?

The rumors and forecasts of an imminent downgrade turned out to be accurate as Standard & Poors downgraded the United State’s AAA credit rating one level to AA+ on August 5th. Already nervous investors from the debt ceiling crisis panicked, dumping stocks across the board. The selling sent the benchmark S&P 500 plunging from a.. Read more

Dodd Frank: Should We Worry?

The most sweeping attempted reform of the financial markets was signed into law on July 20th, 2010. Known as Dodd Frank, this 1000 plus page document will forever alter the financial landscape in the United States. Many traders and other financial professionals are quite concerned about what impact this new legislation will have on their.. Read more

Goldman Sachs on the Future of Electronic Trading

By Andrew Actman Lightspeed Chief Strategy Officer One of trading’s primary tenets is to follow the big dogs. Whether this means finding the axe on your Level 2 screen in the stock you are day trading or following institutional money flows, knowing what the big dogs are doing and thinking is key to success in.. Read more

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