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Market lessons learned in 2011

What a year 2011 was! It was a year of crazy volatility with stocks plunging then rebounding on several occasions. Fortunes were made, fortunes were lost, buy and holders got their clocks cleaned in some sectors, others did well. Some break outs worked for the trend traders, others failed spectacularly. It was a year custom.. Read more

What Traders Can Expect In 2012

It’s hard to believe that the crazy — yet profitable for many — year of 2011 is almost behind us. Stellar corporate earnings, explosive IPOs and domestic economic progress was marred by severe issues in the euro zone and out of control, aggressively negative rating agencies at the highest level. Not to mention the still.. Read more

G20 Summit: Is Italy The Next Greece? What To Expect

The Eurozone crisis has been one of the prime drivers of the US stock market in the recent past. The interconnectivity of the world’s financial systems has become exceedingly apparent. No one understands this correlation better than active traders. It seems that every night there is another European economic event that sends the pre-market and.. Read more

The NASDAQ Wants To Cut Costs: The SEC Says No, Why?

The NASDAQ wants to lower the costs to retail brokers. However, the SEC is interfering with the changes. In a bold move, NASDAQ attempted to lower fees by providing heavy use retail operations reduced price deals on the NASDAQ book and market depth data feeds. The NASDAQ proposed the price cuts in an effort to.. Read more

Banning Market Orders: You Gotta Be Kidding!

The old standard market order may be going the way of the dinosaur should stock market industry group, FIX Protocol Limited, get its wish. The group has been pushing for a substantial list of order handling guidelines to mitigate risk ever since the May, 2010 Flash Crash. Among the suggestions are that brokers are to.. Read more

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