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Banning Market Orders: You Gotta Be Kidding!

The old standard market order may be going the way of the dinosaur should stock market industry group, FIX Protocol Limited, get its wish. The group has been pushing for a substantial list of order handling guidelines to mitigate risk ever since the May, 2010 Flash Crash. Among the suggestions are that brokers are to.. Read more

Stock & Financial Transaction Taxes: Good or Bad?

One thing traders do not need is more taxes. Trader’s profits are already taxed at often outrageous rates. The percentage taxed on short term capital gains is said to be greater than the tax rate that triggered the American Revolutionary War. Despite this already dire situation, certain forces are pushing for another tax on traders... Read more

The Obama Jobs Bill. Will Politicians Ever Learn?

There is no question that the US is facing major economic challenges. Recession fears are rampant, unemployment is at 9.1%, the housing market is the worst it has been since the Great Depression and the financial system is in turmoil. The obvious first step in solving these challenges is for the government to encourage free.. Read more

Why HFTs are Good for the Market

By Andrew Actman Lightspeed Chief Strategy Officer New technology and greater efficiency have always met resistance from the old way of doing things. Nowhere is this more true than the aggressive and lucrative world of financial markets. Evolving from a 100% person to person floor trading model to a fully electronic, computerized transaction system, the.. Read more

Post-downgrade Volatility: 4 Tips for Trading

There is no question that this is a superior environment for active trading. The “fear index” VIX recently hitting 50 combined with ultra wide swings provides traders with numerous opportunities for profit. These moves are triggered by the economic confusion that seems to be affecting the entire global system. The Eurozone debt crisis, Standard&Poors’ US.. Read more

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