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Trading The Presidential Election Cycle

Wow, what a year the stock market has had so far! Confounding the bears, stocks have surged higher in the first quarter of 2012 despite worldwide economic fears. Domestic data has clearly indicated that the United States has turned the corner and is on the way to a solid recovery. Even the beat down housing.. Read more

Do Weekly Options Make Sense For You?

Option traders are a special breed. These short-term trading strategists utilize all types of sophisticated tactics. Terms like iron condors, wing spreads, fences, butterflies, gamma scalping, volatility skew, and time value create an aura of exclusive intellectual superiority to the option trading tribe. While some aspects of options can be difficult to understand, many traders.. Read more

Programmatically trading off of social media

By Michael Lacasse Director of Technical Account Management, Lightspeed Institutional Social media is the new frontier in the financial markets. Ever since the stock market began, traders and investors have liked to talk about their positions and market biases. Before the Internet, these interactions were limited to the local investment club, barber shop or anywhere.. Read more

How Will The Volcker Rule Effect You?

The financial crisis of 2008 continues to have a profound effect on the financial markets. This isn’t because of what happened, it’s due to the variety of financial market regulations being put into place to prevent 2008 from ever happening again. Markets, minus housing, have rebounded significantly since the volatile days of 2007-2008. However, this.. Read more

Nano is Nasdaq’s New Microsecond

By Michael Lacasse Director of Technical Account Management, Lightspeed Institutional Everything is getting faster. Not so long ago, it took days to travel from New York to London; now, it only takes a few short hours. Even the way we eat – with the proliferation of fast-food outlets with drive-thru dining options – has increased.. Read more

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