Dark Pool Secrets with the Stock Whisperer Webinar Recap

Active traders were provided with an opportunity to learn about dark pool secrets with Stefanie Kammerman, the Stock Whisperer.

In a monthly webinar, VP of Business Development, Rob Livson, and Stefanie Kammerman, of the Stock Whisperer gave viewers an inside look at the Lightspeed Trader platform to trade on the dark pool and expose these trades.

Here is a recap of the main points from the trading webinar:

Block Trade Filter on Lightspeed Trader

During the webinar, Stefanie Kammerman discussed the Block Trade filter when trading. The Block Trade filter is an underappreciated feature provided through the Lightspeed Trader platform on the ADFN exchange. This extremely valuable tool provides users with real-time information regarding large block trades as they are reported through all exchanges, which include the Alternative Display Facility, (ADF) where most dark pools report to. There are many interpretations of how the big market movers report their transactions and utilize this information. This was described in detail during, “Dark Pool Secrets with the Stock Whisperer”. Lightspeed Trader’s ability to filter out certain transactions by size or by exchange or highlight specific symbols provide users with the customization to focus on concentrated information.

Different Types of Dark Pool Trades

There are four types of dark pool prints when trading. A print is a fancy word for a trade that has been executed or completed.

  • Real-Time Print: These prints occur during the middle of the day, and they are big and unusual.
  • Late Buy Print: These are dark pool trades bought yesterday and shown a day later.
  • Late Sell Print: These trades were executed yesterday. This helps spot corrections on the SPY, Russell, etc.
  • Market on Close (MOC): Big trades at the end of the day right at the close.

During the webinar, Stefanie provides examples of each type of the prints noted above when trading.

Potentially Profiting Off the Dark Pool

Stefanie believes that frustration happens when active traders do not enter a position and a big move happens overnight. In these instances, she suggested to strangle the trade. During the webinar, Stefanie discussed what happens when the stock price breaks at certain points and how an active trader can potentially make a move. The next day traders will see how this move affected their profit.

Stefanie also shared with viewers that the dark pool has a signature share size on all of the major indexes. On the S&P 500, the SPY will start with 501K, 502K, 503K, and 504K. On the Nasdaq, the QQQ will start with 411K, 412K, and 413K. On the Russell 2000, the IWM starts with 251K, 252K, and 253K. These sometimes show up as a 501 or a 502 as well. The same goes for the DIA on the Dow Jones. She mentioned that it is pretty unusual that prints will occur on the DIA. When a print occurs on the DIA, she believes that a correction will most likely occur. In her opinion this is one of the  biggest secrets on the dark pool.

You can view the entire webinar below:

Active Trading with Lightspeed

Lightspeed provides active traders with all the tools required to help them find success in stock trading, and we have been developing and honing our active trader platform to offer the best possible user experience in the marketplace. With the intuitive interface layouts and institutional quality stock and option scanners, we aim to help traders reach their goals, no matter what their strategy is.

For more information on a professional trading platform with Lightspeed, please call us at 1-888-577-3123, request a demo or to open an account. If you are a student of Stefanie Kammerman and would like to open an account with Lightspeed, her students receive a special offer of discounted pricing when opening an account.

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