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Get the most out of your workspace with Trade Ideas on Lightspeed!

Workspaces are the incubators where information and action are translated into productivity and good trading decisions.
The environment we trade in has a considerable impact on our level of wellbeing, our productivity, and even our bottom line. The design and layout of our office or, workspace, can have an effect on our work productivity, frame of mind, mood, interaction with our colleagues, and even has an influence on how much time we spend distracted from our work. The same holds true for how you get organized to make a trade.
In this webinar we’ll not only show you the advanced trading technology of Brokerage Plus for Lightspeed from Trade Ideas, but we will show you workspaces and layouts that will improve the information you see and use to make your trading decisions.

During this session you will learn:

  • Brokerage Plus for Lightspeed, optimum work space layout
  • Workspaces
    • The New Welcome Screen & Channel Bar
    • Examples of Bad Layouts
    • Why the Brokerage Plus layout works
  • Overview of platform, capabilities
  • Next Steps: Join the Trade Ideas Support Forum Chat group, Use Brokerage Plus to make your trading decisions
  • Q&A

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