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The following account types can be opened online:

Please be sure to use the correct forms based on your Professional or Non-Professional status. Please review the Nasdaq’s Nonprofessional Subscriber Policy to determine your status if you are unsure.

Downloadable Forms:

Account Applications

Individual Accounts

Non-Professional Cash
Non-Professional Margin
Professional Cash
Professional Margin

Joint Accounts

TEN ENT Non-Professional Cash
TEN ENT Non-Professional Margin
TEN ENT Professional Cash
TEN ENT Professional Margin
TEN COM Non-Professional Cash
TEN COM Non-Professional Margin
TEN COM Professional Cash
TEN COM Professional Margin
JTWROS Non-Professional Cash
JTWROS Non-Professional Margin
JTWROS Professional Cash
JTWROS Professional Margin
Comm. Ppty. Non-Professional Cash
Comm. Ppty. Non-Professional Margin
Comm. Ppty. Professional Cash
Comm. Ppty. Professional Margin

Corporate Accounts

Corporate Cash Account
Corporate Margin Account

LLC Accounts

LLC Cash Account
LLC Margin Account

Partnership Accounts

Partnership Cash Account
Partnership Margin Account

Trust Accounts

Trust Cash Account
Trust Margin Account

Foreign Accounts


Retirement Accounts

Roth IRA Account – Non-Professional
Roth IRA Account – Professional
Traditional & SEP IRA Account – Non-Professional
Traditional & SEP IRA Account – Professional

Other Forms

Options Agreements


Other forms

NASDAQ OMX Non-Professional Subscriber Questionnaire
Change of Address Form
DTC Request Form
IRA Deposit Form
Roth IRA Distribution Form
IRA Distribution Form
W8 Beneficial Owner Form
Wire / Check Request Form

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