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Iris Pairs

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Iris, Chronos Technologies’ pairs trading software, is a market neutral trading system with 100% automation capability that strategically executes trades based upon quantitative factors customized by the user.  The system is designed to decipher recognizable patterns in correlated instruments and to execute a trade when specific mathematical conditions are met.

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Pairs trading software designed for retail investors to hedge funds.

  • Advanced portfolio management for short term or long term trading
  • Adaptive to real-time market conditions
  • 100% automation, grey box, or manual modes of trading
  • Real-time interactive charting with plotted entries and exit points
  • Proprietary order routing algorithm designed for speed and cost efficiency
  • Ability to monitor and trade over 1000 pairs simultaneously
  • Fully customizable to each user’s needs
  • Individual pair settings, stop outs, entry/exit curve
  • Built-in earnings screener with ability to automatically omit symbols from trading
  • Provides full market neutrality



Hammerstone is a chat-based platform utilized by over 600 traders, providing subscribers with up-to the-minute breaking news headlines that drive the market. Members of the room are able to comment on the news and swap trade ideas with other subscribers.

  • Efficient Trading Analysis of Financial Markets
  • Real-Time Interactive
  • 18 Years of Insight
  • Real Traders, Real Insight, Real Time

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