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The Three Scariest Types of Risk
Profitable traders know that the secret to making money is managing risk. It’s a lot easier to lose money in the markets than it is to end a trade in the green. Traders know that analyzing the risk factors rather than the potential rewards is the better way to trade. But what are those risk.. more
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Three Ways to Trade Commodities
So, you want to invest in commodities? Maybe you watched the price of natural gas skyrocket in February or watched the price of gold plunge and wondered why you weren’t trading the volatility in the space. Maybe you didn’t know how. Aside from futures trading, something many of our customers engage in, there are three.. more
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What is the VIX?
Watch any of the financial media networks and you’re going to hear a lot about the VIX. You’ve probably heard the 30-second explanation of what it is, but what do you really know about it? Let’s go a little more in-depth. The VIX is a number calculated based on the prices of options premiums in.. more
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Five Trading Goals for 2014
Happy New Year! 2014 is here and for many, that means some sort of New Year’s resolution—a commitment to try something new or fix something in our lives that is broken. What do the numbers look like from 2013? Did you come close to keeping up with the broader market? Maybe you beat the market.. more
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Keep Your Strategy Simple
Let’s be honest. You can read everybody’s blog, you can learn about every proprietary trading system, and pay loads of cash to “trade alongside” every person who thinks they’re an expert but if it were that easy, why isn’t every trader setting limit orders from the deck of their mega yacht? It’s because most of.. more
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